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    autoplay button does not work

      I have made my homepages with trial-Dreamweaver. I must decide after 14 days if I will buy Dreamweaver or not. Of course I would like to continue with the software which I have used to work . But there is something in Wreamweaver, which not work . I need to add music to my homepages and that button "autoplay" does not work. I do not want, that the music starts immediately, so I have not choosen autoplay. A button named "stop-play" is "stop" as well. However music (all the pieces of music,what a cacaphony!!!) starts immedietely.
      Adobe has very poor homepages. It is difficult to find information. And you can not contact the support If you do not have Id-number (if you work with a trial, you can not have any help) But I will not buy that stupid software, if I can not solve this problem