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    Where did 'InDesign Plugin Editor' move?


      Hi Forum,


      There are some topics talking about a PluginEditor available to download: http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/InDesign_Plug-in_Editor. Is it completely removed from the lab's site? Does anybody have a good starting pont for a new server based plugin development? E.g. what-how to install for an InDesign Server Plugin development? I want to create a plugin to use its functionality via web users E.g. drag and drop an image into an own template where I can check the content of the picture's type,resolution,CYMK,RGB...


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          I know it's late, but I too spent a little time hunting for this so I could edit 'FR' files with a GUI rather than by hand. Thanks to some really cool online tools and some lucky guesses, I was able to find the original wiki page and the downloads associated to it.


          (After I found this post) I started by checking if the Adobe labs site was on the 'WayBack Machine' and was able to find the version of the site back just after the plugin was originally published: InDesign Plug-in Editor - Adobe Labs


          I searched the file links on that page until I found that the PDF used for the 'Getting Started Guide' was still hosted on Adobe's website.  I then used the file names off of the archive page, and sure enough, the direct downloads were still downloadable from Adobe.  Here are the files and URL's I managed to confirm:


          • indesigncs3_plugineditor_082707.zip > The Adobe InDesign Plug-in Editor plug-ins can be downloaded here
          • indesigncs3_plugineditor_full_mac_082707.zip > One of the bundles that include the Eclipse install (for Mac OS 10.4), available for Mac OSX here,
          • indesigncs3_plugineditor_full_win_082707.zip > The other bundle that include the Eclipse install (for Windows), available for Windows XP here.



          Also, to answer your question specifically about plugin creation, you will need to refer to Adobe's documentation here on how to create new plugins.  From what I'm reading on the archive page, the Plug-in editor was intended to be used with already created plugins, making the maintenance and development of them easier.


          Hope this helps,