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    Special character causing trouble in making PDF accessible

    mmmathur Level 1



      Recently I embarked in project, making 900+ PDF's accessible and as I started working on this I ran into issues. One of complex issue is where Acrobat PDF reader (Read out loud) doesn't read text has special characters. Since we have source InDesign file of PDF I tried to provide alt text using InDesign 'Object Export Options' but that didn't help me.


      Does Acrobat provide any workaround to provide alt text to that kind of story so that I could put there alternate text (without any special characters)?


      Other issue is where I've chunk of text as image and for the same I'm providing alt text using InDesign 'Object Export Options' but again it is not being read in Acrobat.


      I'm new to accessibility and I learned making accessible PDF using link http://www.nwcg.gov/accessibility/creating-accessible-pdf-documents-with-adobe-indesign-cs 6-v3.pdf


      Can someone out there help me on this?