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    Add mode and 32 bit Floating point

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      I have an AE comp containing 10 layers rendered off to EXR from 3DS Max using VRay.  I have a "cold" scene and have composited several hot VRay ObjectSelect render elements and VRayAtmosphere render elements.  Every layer uses "Add" blend mode.  All are OK except one layer (an Atmosphere element containing smoke).  The smoke is very dark (virtually black) when rendered in Max.  It is layered in AE over a glowing hot area.  When I use "Add" blend mode the smoke looks very thin/transparent and very pale.


      Q.  What effects should I use to get the black smoke to appear black (as it would look in the Max render)?  I would like a degree of control over the transparency so that I can let part of the glow behind it still show through.



      Many thanks,