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    I need help / guide with my complicated form

      Hi! I'm not really a flash expert..

      i've used flash for a simple animation / presentation that doesn't require that much of script, just the simple ones.

      i'd like to try doing this as i've been trying to gather bit by bit here of the related script but i can't get it right to them all together. in the end, i really am not sure of what i really have to do ...the correct way.

      hope anyone helpful can help me for my experiment as below.

      my flash movie would consist of :

      a) scrollable menu where my multiple image of png will load into
      b) multiple (could also be one image) of png images that will gradually appear into the same folder where my .fla file is.
      c) a scrolling pane - the place for my original sized png image to appear
      d) dropdown menu - that will contain form1, form2, form3 [form1, form2, form 3 will represent which part of the png image willl be shown in (b): form1 = top, form2 = middle, form3 = bottom]

      1) a png image (possible that the png image will come in multiple) will load into my flash movie automatically, specifically all of them will load on a scrollable menu one after another, side by side with the png image size reduced to fit into the menu.
      2) once i click one of the png image on the menu, the image will appear in the scrolling pane, and it should be the original size (not the reduced one to be fit into the menu)
      3)below, there's a dropdown menu [i've explained in (d)] that will be chosen from, let's say form1 is chosen. the window where the scrollable png image is, will show the part where i set form1 is for.

      please help me.

      thank you so much if anyone could help me with this.