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    Different positions for fields?


      I'm using Forms Central for the first time and I cannot figure out how to make different fields appear in different locations. Every time I move a field, it moves all of the fields to the same position.


      What I want is this:          Text:      Field

                                             Much Longer Prompt:     Field


      But I can't make it happen.


      Is there a way around this?


      Major flaw for what otherwise appears to be an awesome product.

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          brian.filipiak Level 2

          Hi sarahlynch1,


          Yeah, the web forms don't allow the fine-grained control you are looking for. What you might consider is designing the form in Acrobat Pro, and then importing it into FormsCentral. You would then have the efficiency of an online data collection point, with the wider latitude of design with a PDF-based form. You would then distribute the PDF form to your audience. They fill it in and hit the Submit button on the PDF, and you have the data.


          Hope that helps,