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    lixalating from older InDesign files - why

    relay racer

      we are new to the world of InDesign - have always used layout people before now, but there became speed bumps in the road, so, we are working with over a 1000 files and trying to learn as we go. please don't take offence at that. the problems are 1) sometimes when we take the in design artwork  to final press ready pdf, it pixelates REALY bad; 2) when opening some files from earlier versions of InDesign  'some' artwork is pixelated both on screen and if we make a pdf for printing.

      to our knowledge, we have all the current updates for the Mac - InDesign.

      this condition seems to be getting worst with each file we open - we also work with InDesign in windows for basic layout - no correlation seen between those files and files made on Mac with earlier version of InDesign, 99% of all files were (or are) from the Mac

      any suggestions????