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    Is there a Symbol Font download available?

    jsoule232 Level 1

      I am using InDesign CS6 and have been having issues with my Symbol fonts. First, InDesign automatically substitutes Symbol TT for all symbol fonts, but this does not translate correctly, particularly with Greek glyphs. I have downloaded an OTF symbol font, along with Symbol Lt Book and Symbol Lt Medium. The Symbol OTF, generally, converts glyphs correctly; however, it is only available in a regular style (no bold or italic). I have been trying to use the Symbol Lt fonts for the bold and italic, but these convert the same way Symbol TT converts. I have also been having conversion problems with math symbols. I work with a variety of documents that include a wide range of symbols (with thousands of pages in each document), so I cannot simply replace each and every glyph. I need a solution! Is there a font package specifically for InDesign that I can download from Adobe to solve this issue?