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      I'm recently new to Ae so bear with me. I have some dust spots in a footage I need to get rid of. Using the Dust&Scratches effect. Working in two layers. The original and a dust&scratch. Once setting the radius I go into the original and create two masks around the dust spots using the ellipse tool. Using the key frames I change the opacity of the masks. Works beautifully on the one mask but on one of them it changes the opacity of the whole layer. I.e totally blurred or goes totally black. Just can't figure out why changes to one mask should behave in a completely different way to another. Any help sincerely appreciated.


      By the way using this way to remove sensor dust is it on of the better ones? Have done a lot of searching but nothing seems very straightforward if the background keeps changing. Want to avoid turning into stills and then back to video as concerned I might loose quality.


      Attaching screen shots.


      Thank you