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    Help! Object enter in the scene, stop for one second and than go. How to?


      Hi everyone,


      I'm a beginner in AE and i'm trying to animate a bus that i made using illustrator. That bus suppose to enter in the scene, stop in the middle of that, than start again and leave, simulating a bus stop.

      Now, i achieved to make it enter in the scene and reach the point that i want, but how can i make it stay there for a second or two and than start again, because if i add a keyframe after a second it wont stop and it keep going. I'll add a screenshot of my timeline to show you!

      Schermata 2014-10-08 alle 12.31.05.png

      The first keyframe is where the bus start, the second one is where it suppose to stop and where my red line is i want to make it start again, so the time between the second keyframe and the red line is where i want the bus to be stopped!