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    Making epub

    twtybrd678 Level 1

      What format do I use to make a ePub?






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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

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          I'm afraid you're going to have be more specific. EPUB is the file format.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Twytybrd


            Welcome to the forum.


            ePub is one of the eBook formats. It is open source and there are basically two types - fixed layout and reflowable text layout (the Kindle uses a propriety version called mobi). The latest version of ePub is ePub 3, which is based on HTML5 and CSS3.


            You can create both types of ePub using the latest version of InDesign (CC 2014). But you will probably need training to do so. If you know InDesign, and how to use Paragraph and Character styles, and how to anchor images, you're part way there.


            Lynda.com had excellent online tutorials on producing both fixed and variable ePubs from InDesign, for example:





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