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    font encryption warnings in epub check

    SueCampbell54 Level 1

      I get this warning when running epubcheck 3.0b5 on my reflowable epub 3.0:

      WARNING: ebook3.epub: resource OEBPS/font/WarnockPro-It.otf cannot be decrypted

      I get this for all the fonts I've included in the doc. (all Adobe fonts) The book does work fine in iBooks and fonts display correctly. Since it's a "warning" not an "error" I'm guessing this may be OK with Apple. (I'll know soon.) But is this something to be concerned about? Is there a newer epubcheck? Though I've been exporting EPUB for years, this is actually the first time I've embedded fonts.



      Also, I know everyone is excited about the new Fixed Layout export (myself included), but I sure wish it wasn't the default selection in the export dialogue. Cmon, guys you know we're are still doing reflowable for 99% of our books, right?