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    CF11 instance only works when I start it via console


      In WIndows Services, my cfintra instance is running. In CF Instance Manager, my cfintra instance is stopped, and I can't started via this page. In CF instance logs I get this: 2014-10-08 10_43_13-webin2 - Remote Desktop Connection.png

      And visiting my website simply returns a 500 error. So I started the CF instance via CMD with: coldfusion.exe -start -console and now my website is running. However, the status of the instance in Windows Services is 'stopped' and if I close the CMD window it shuts down the CF instance. I have 4 CF instance that I'm managing via the instance manager and CFINTRA is the only one I can't start and stop successfully from the manager. So, how do I debug this issue?

      2014-10-08 10_39_57-webin2 - Remote Desktop Connection.png