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    director decompiler

    Detonate 2004
      am looking for a way to decompiler a director/shockwave file same way you would with flash...
      any tips?
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          You can't - the file format isn't published
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            Detonate 2004 Level 1
            thanks sean,
            I'm definitly screwed then... lost my original .dir file
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              > I'm definitly screwed then... lost my original .dir file

              You can regain all the assets, but the scripts are compiled and if you
              try to edit them you'll lose all the existing code (when reopened they
              look like an empty script window, although the compiled code is stored
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                DAVID NAJAR Level 1

                I’ve spended some time trying to decompile a .dir, .dcr, .w3d, .exe (Director exe), for learning purpose (some one said me it couldn’t be possible and I love the challenges). and if you want the assets there’s no problem at all, it is possible even on shockwave3d members you could extract models to .obj file format, textures to .png or jpg, motions to .bvh, and so on. The code part is not so simple in fact seems that it is just on binary format and to decompile that you need to know the data structures of the files formats in which Director lay down, it could be possible with some advanced debugging tools and binary readers and data mapers, but for now is not the case. If you write an external movie launcher (.dir and .dcr miaw launcher) you could retrieve a lot of information about the internal movie code like globals values, handlers names, a lot of cast information, xtras interfaces, almost any info you can get on the Director´s IDE, but no the scriptText feature (“”). Going closer, if you run the launcher inside Director´s IDE and turn on the trace function, the message window display what’s happened at runtime on the external movie. It could be useful just to know the movie flow and methods used, and if you wrote the movie easily you can do it again.

                Believed or not, is great no exists (or at least no massive knowed ) a Director decompiler and I’m not say that for prohibited reversed engineering laws or stealing issues, is for saw outstanding Director works out there and spend days, weeks, months and even years thinking and trying to reproduce those amazing things with a lot of research, different approaches, any kinda of solutions, and on the way becoming in a hard coding lingo developer. Believe me, is great get there by yourself!!!

                Have a nice coding!!!