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    White lines around texts with object effects applied


      I am having a persistent problem with InDesign's output of PDFs when I have applied object effects to text boxes.


      When I use an effect—such as emboss (shown in samples) or outer glow—on a text box, the PDF renders it with white lines around the text boxes (sometimes with more than one).


      See the attached samples; the boxes are clearly visible with a 3rd party PDF viewer, such as Skim; less so with Acrobat Pro, but still there. It's there when I open the PDF in Photoshop, as well.


      I've tried playing with transparency flattening settings, and with merging the layers into a single layer. No help.


      The sample shown has an emboss effect applied, transparency flattening set to high resolution (ignoring style overrides), and a single merged layer.


      Any help?


      In Acrobat Pro:

      Acrobat Pro rendering.png


      In Photoshop:

      Photoshop rendering.png


      In Skim:

      Skim rendering.png