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    Is there a setting/script to apply certain master pages to either odd or even pages in a SINGLE page layout?


      For my job we create "books" - however printing of the books is of least importance in my industry, most of our clients receive PDFs and simply view on screen. We do still print a small percentage of each book we create, so I would like to have alternating left and right page numbers and headers. HERE IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Now I know I can easily accomplish this by setting up in spreads and exporting to single pages, but the problem is when my bosses (not designers, I am a designer at a non-design company) come sit with me at my desk while I am designing (giving me edits, their vision etc...) they do not have an understanding that if they see spreads it doesnt have to be. They are very what we see is what we expect. I know it sounds crazy , but throw me a bone here .... So to reiterate... No one can see that I am even working with spreads - therefore I cannot work in spreads... so is there a solution?