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    Premiere Elements 10 - Sound Quality/SmartMix


      Hi, the soundtrack sound in my Premiere Elements 10 project is muffled. I have tried using the SmartMix tool, but when I set the soundtrack to 'foreground' and set the audio/narration (there are none) classifications to 'background or disabled' it gives me the error message "cannot perform SmartMix, missing audio in foreground or background track". How can I resolve this error to help make my soundtracks (music for the video) sound more crisp/clear vs. muffled/poor sounding?


      Also open to alternative ways other than using SmartMix to improve the sound quality. My project has music only (no narration) that I am looking to incorporate.

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          Please clarify. Are you saying that you have only one track with audio on it and that track is the Soundtrack? That is what I am picking up on.


          The Smart Mix is not intended to enhance sound. It is a feature which is intended for at least two audio tracks where it can lower the music of one

          so that it does not dominate the dialog of another. The typical application is the automatic lowering of the Soundtrack music when you have someone

          speaking in the video.


          Please take a look at the Premiere Elements 10 audio effects. I am not sure if the Reverb (Windows Only) audio effect will help enhance your music, but you could try it.


          Have you read the details of the Smart Mix?

          Adobe Premiere Elements 11 * Mixing audio and adjusting volume


          Please review and consider and then let us know if I have interpreted your details correctly.


          Thank you.