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    Adobe Premier Pro 2014.1 will not download


      I have 4 identical MacPros. RAM, processors, video cards are all identical.


      When I ran the update from the Creative Cloud app, all computers updated to 2014.1, except 1 machine. it still had the previous version of Premier Pro.

      Thinking that it may be an ID, or preference thing, I completely uninstalled all apps using the Creative Cloud app, and then ran AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool to find any left overs.

      I restarted the machine, then reinstalled Creative Cloud app, and then used it to download Premier Pro, and it still downloaded the previous version!

      I then completely wiped the machine, did a clean install of the OS, Downloaded an installed CC app, then downloaded Premier Pro, and again it downloaded the previous version!!


      I know there is probably a very simple answer to this problem I'm having, I hope. I need all 4 machines running the same flavor of Premier Pro. Any Ideas?