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    How to send good looking email?

    Max Resnikoff Level 1



      This is the part of my code which send the email with the form details on it:



      if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {

          $msg = 'firstname: ' .$_POST['firstname'] ."\n"

              .'lastname: ' .$_POST['lastname'] ."\n"

              .'email: ' .$_POST['email'] ."\n"

              .'mobile: ' .$_POST['mobilenumber'] ."\n"

              .'message: ' .$_POST['message'];

          mail('EMAIL', 'Test Contact Form Email', $msg, 'From: email');

          header('location: thankyou.html');

          echo 'email sent';

      } else {

          header('location: contact.php');





      How would I go about sending an email which is visually attractive like the ones sent by large companies (With images, and links etc)?

      At the moment, the user is receiving this:


      firstname: name

      lastname: name

      email: r@r.com

      mobile: phone

      message: asd


      any help would be very much appreciated!

      thank you!