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    "from Unknown Sender"

    Mary Klein

      I used "Adobe Send" to send a document to about 75 individual recipients. Two of the recipients were me at different email addresses. At one email address, I received the document "from" my own name. At the other email address, I received the document "from Unknown Sender." How can I make sure my identity displays in the "from" field for recipients? I'm concerned that many of these emails ended up in recipients' spam folders.

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          bob.treitman Employee Moderator


          Is it possible for you to look at the message source/headers for both emails that you received?  You should see something like this:


          Subject: Shared Files

          From: John Smith via Adobe Send <noreply@acrobat.com>

          To: <bt+asdfsdfsadf@gmail.com>

          Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 19:21:55 +0000

          Message-ID: <20140714192155.15469.61681@bh-test-application-1.0.31b1.dev005161-1d-0>

          Reply-To: <johnsmith@testmail.com>


          What appears in the From line for each of those messages? It should be the name associated with your Adobe ID. Are you seeing the same in each one, or something different?

          It's possible that your email client is mishandling that field. Are both of your test addresses using the same service (e.g. gmail, hotmail)?

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            Mary Klein Level 1

            Hi Bob


            Attached are some screen shots of how these messages display in two recipient accounts of mine. One is a Yahoo account and one is a Gmail account (routed through a Stanford Alumni Gmail account).


            The Yahoo account displays the sender properly. The Gmail account does not.


            Let me know how to view the “message source” more directly if the attached screen shots are not informative.




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              bob.treitman Employee Moderator

              Hi Mary,

              Thanks for the additional information.  Unfortunately, the screenshots did not come through. To attach them, you need to click on the camera icon in the toolbar.

              Anyway, to see your message source in gmail, click on the little inverted triangle in the top-right corner, and then select Show Original. You'll need to scroll through it to see those header fields.

              I just looked at a message that I received in my gmail account, and the sender name was properly displayed.  I'm very curious as to why it's not in yours.


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                Mary Klein Level 1

                Hi again, Bob -


                I didn’t actually reply to you before by opening the chat in Adobe Send. I just hit “reply” to the email that it generated for me.


                I’ll go in there and attach the screenshots as you suggested, though they are probably not all that helpful in solving this “mystery.”


                I will also dig into the header info as you suggested and let you know what I learn in that manner.




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                  Mary Klein Level 1

                  Hi Again - Just to be redundant. I attempted to send you two messages just now.  I’m still finding the “forums” interface awkward and am trying to figure out how to navigate it. I believe I attached some screenshots in a message to you just now . . .  ??


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                    bob.treitman Employee Moderator

                    Following up with a posting back to the forum.

                    It turned out that there were commas in Mary's name associated with her AdobeID, and Gmail didn't like those. Removing the commas in her AdobeID profile solved the problem.

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                      Mary Klein Level 1

                      Thanks for closing loop on this.