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    Flex 2 configuration for Struts application

      Hello everyone,

      Good afternoon.

      I have some questions regarding the Flex 2 and Struts. I use struts for long time already but just touch the Flex 2 since last week. As I know, we can use Flex 2 to build our front end and Struts for the Control and the back-end process for Web-Application. I already read the article "Flex 2 Tag Library for JSP" but still cannot get it correctly. Can anyone kindly help me to setup and make it works.

      I already downloaded and installed the following:

      1. Struts 1.2.7 (I am using the struts-blank as my base application)
      2. Flex Builder 2 (With Flex SDK)
      3. Flex Data Service 2.0.1

      I followed what is writen in the web-site. But cannot make it right. Please help me.

      Thank you and Good day,