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    I can't upgrade my OS--is it still possible to purchase Lightroom 4???


      I am so frustrated right now.


      I will not have access to my own laptop for a few months, so I am limited to using a shared family computer. Both computers are MacBook Pros running OS X 10.6.8. I have Lightroom 4 installed on my own laptop, and a catalog of about 95,000 photos, configured for LR 4, stored on external hard drives. (I purchased LR 4 as a download through Amazon, but because they originally charged the wrong credit card, they let me keep the downloaded software, and removed the charge from my card altogether. As a result, Lightroom is not included in my Amazon Software Library, so I do not have a serial number or product key, and cannot access the software from other computers.)


      Here's my problem: While I would love to upgrade to LR 5, I cannot upgrade the OS of the family computer (never mind why; suffice it to say that it's just not an option.) Therefore, it is my understanding that I cannot install Lightroom 5 or the current Creative Cloud package, which both require OS X 10.7 or later.


      What I really want to do is install and use Lightroom 4 on the family computer. In fact, I have managed to download and install LR 4 on this computer, BUT, in order to actually use the software, I need to provide a serial number. I would GLADLY pay Adobe for a serial number. I would happily pay full price!!! However, for reasons I cannot fathom, this seems to be impossible.


      WHY won't Adobe let me buy the product I want, the product that will work with the machines I am using??? Am I missing something? Is there some way that I can still purchase a serial number for Lightroom 4??


      ADOBE-- I LOVE LIGHTROOM AND I REALLY WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY!! But it seems that Lightroom 4 is completely unavailable, and Lightroom 5 is incompatible with the not-very-old computers that I am using. Can anyone help?? Is there a solution to this modern-day conundrum?


      Thank you.