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    lightroom 5.6 book export to blurb or to pdf don't work


      Hi all

      Yesterday I finished my photobook and tried export it to blurb. But if I press the button "Buch an blurb senden" nothing happens if I want to export it to pdf nothing happens as well (no error messages)l. The book consists of 240 pages (maximun). I then opened another catalog and tried to send a book to blurb and there it seems to work. I only found one reasonable suggestion while searching for an answer concerning the background and the suggestion to click or unclick an option, which was not helpful.



      I use lightoom 5.6,  8GB Ram and have about 165GB Freespace on the Harddisk.. All other Programs were closed.


      Any one an idea how to solve this problem?

      Thank you very much.