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    13.1 Interface Changes

    G_W Level 1



      Im really enjoying the new look. Thanks to everyone on the AE team for this new release.


      I have a few questions.


      - My tool tips don't work for the motion blur/frame blending icon panel in the timeline. This is ok for me but has stumped some of our trainees.

      - The feature where you could hover the curser over a layer in the timeline and see a wire frame display of the bounding box for that layer in the project panel is missing for me. Is there a new preference for this?

      - I always have my preview panel set to loop but when i fire up AE it will always stop at the end of a comp unless I cycle through the looping options. This seems strange.


      Thanks for your time.


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I also like the new look.

          I would recommend filing an official bug report for the issues you've mentioned: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            The bug regarding tool tips is fixed in an internal build. We'll have an update out next week if all goes according to plan.


            Please use the bug report form that Szalam pointed to for the other issues.

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              OCS Trailers

              Hi there,


              Unlike previous users, my teammates and myself do have a problem with the new UI. It is too dark, tiring for the eyes when you're working on AE all day long. To be more specific, we think there's a problem of contrast between elements. It is sometimes too low (ex. layers in main panel), sometimes too high ; see how bad it renders in scripts UI:


              It's like: "yes, the white item in the script UI has focus: I GET IT..."


              I have no problem with blue, but I feel like these cosmetic changes were useless and are wasting my use of the software. Please consider improving this in a future update.

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                Does anyone have trouble reading or identifying text & graphics on this very web site?  Has anyone ever complained about the inability to do so?  Why, I even see a little pale-yellow smiley face icon above the text I'm typing... I see various shades of gray in text and icons.  I don't have the least bit of trouble with any of it!  Gee, I wonder why not?


                Do you think it might have something to do with the predominant background color used.... WHITE?


                It may not be cool, trendy or artsy-fartsy, but everything sure reads well!


                I seem to recall that previous versions of AE used white and shades of light gray as backgrounds in the user interface.  Why did someone feel the overwhelming need to re-invent the wheel in recent versions?

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                  WShawn Level 1

                  Allow me to heartily second Dave's complaint.  I really really really really HATE that Adobe has done away with the OPTION of having a dark on light interface.  And for literally no other reason than to unify the look of Adobe software across the line and look sophisticated (or something).  The shortsightedness is breathtaking.


                  What's so awful about giving users a choice?  If someone likes light on dark, slide that slider and there you go.  If someone likes dark on light, slide the slider the other way, and there you go.


                  But now, no choice.  You're going to use light on dark, and YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE IT.  "You'll get used to it."


                  IMO, Adobe's implementation of light on dark has sucked since that interface option was introduced way back in, I don't know, AE 7 or 8?  The white text is WAY too bright and contrasty.  I understand the rationale of having a dark interface that doesn't wash out your composition window, and I tried the dark interface time and again, but my eyes couldn't take it for very long.  I have no problem with Maxon's version of light on dark; I don't know why Adobe can't get it right.  Cinema 4D allows the user to customize the color of almost every interface element.  I wish Adobe had as much respect for its customers.  Jeebus help us if Adobe acquires Cinema 4D.


                  I've been using AE since around 1997 (version 3.1).  Time and time again I see useful features tossed aside (wireframe previews, vector paint, the old lens blur, interface flexibility, etc) that have negatively impacted my productivity.  That's not to say that some new features have improved my productivity, but why do those new features have to come at the expense of some of these older ones?


                  And yes, I will submit a feature request (to bring back the dark on light interface OPTION) as I've done time and time before, and I will expect the same non-result.

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                    kanadiou Level 1


                    i agree, it is too dark, there is too much contrast. Background is really dark, we can put it less dark, but font are really white, it's hurt eyes. Ok with the blue, why not (why not let users choose the color ?), but you have too find a way to make it less contrasted, so a little bit less dark and font less white i think.

                    If you're working on a comp whith white background, with so much contrast around everythings seems to be whiter that it is.


                    For the rest, everything is better, but please consider this. (and again, why not let the user choose the blue font, and more control of white and black colors on the interface)

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      The tool tips bug is fixed in the After Effects 2014.1.1 (13.1.1) update:



                      We're looking into doing another update late this fall to fix some additional issues. Stay tuned.

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                        Spacecat66 Level 1

                        As recently as the latest version I'm running on Windows,, did we have the ability to set the UI to a light gray very similar to the background of this very forum. I personally have a very hard time with text on dark backgrounds. My eyes can't handle it- I get something like temporary blindness where as my eyes flick around over the lighter text, the image of the text kind of burns in, leaving dark spots in my vision. If I work too long with it, I get really severe eyestrain and headaches. I had to roll my projects back to CS6 (thankfully we can still have all the different CC versions installed). The only reason pulled the trigger on 13.1 in the first place is because I was having huge productivity losses with the audio scrubbing memory leak issue in v13. The new UI isn't just inconvenient for me, it's actually debilitating. I've submitted a bug report, and I really hope they consider adding back the option to use the lighter interface and, at the very least, customizable keyframe colors. After almost 18 years of using AE, I'd be disappointed if I couldn't continue using the most recent versions in the future.

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                          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                          G_W wrote:


                          - The feature where you could hover the curser over a layer in the timeline and see a wire frame display of the bounding box for that layer in the project panel is missing for me. Is there a new preference for this?

                          The bug that affected this is fixed in the After Effects 2014.2 (13.2) update, which is now available.

                          Details here: http://adobe.ly/1IVopxh

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                            kanadiou Level 1

                            i asked adobe if new keyframes is a joke ?

                            After effects 132 new keyframes... it's a joke isn't it ??