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    Import from camera direct into Lightroom via USB

    wornishnook Level 1

      I have looked around this forum but can't find an answer to what I thought was a simple question.

      Using Mavericks 10.9.5  and Lightroom 5.6


      I am trying to improve my workflow.


      I currently have to take two steps to get my photos into Lightroom:

      1. Connect camera via USB to Mac and use Nikon Transfer to import the photos from my camera to a default folder on my Mac,  I also set this to delete the photos from my camera when completed.


      2. Open Lightroom and import photos to catalogue including moving them to the desired specific final destination folder.


      I know I could use a card reader but don't want to go down that route as its a pain taking the mem card out and replacing it.


      Is it possible to reduce this to a single step using Lightroom.


      I have tried setting up Image Capture on my Mac  to make Lightroom open automatically when a camera is connected but the option is greyed out which seems strange.

      If I have lightroom open and then select the camera as the source I only get the option to copy the files not Move them from camera to a destination folder so cant clear the camera memory.


      I can't be the only person who wants to do this anyone got a solution.

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          wornishnook Level 1

          Having played around a bit I have answered my own question.


          I discovered that Nikon Transfer has an option to open another App automatically, so by setting that to Lightroom I have achieved what I wanted.

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            I'd suggest you use Lightroom and import directly.  In Lightroom make sure you're in the Library module, click on the import button on the bottom of the left panel, you'll get an import popup, select where the images are coming from, ( your SD card or camera) then decide whether you wan to copy or copy as a DNG file, then choose where you want to store them on your computer, I suggest the Pictures folder on your harddrive.


            Give it a try.

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              wornishnook Level 1

              I have tried that but as I said in my original post Lightroom doesn't clear the camera memory after doing the import, whereas Nikon Transfer does.  To clear the camera you have to use some other app.

              Also in Lightroom you then have to select the source and destination folders which I know is picky but it can be a pain.


              Doing it with Nikon Transfer automates the whole process so all you do is connect camera switch it on Nikon Transfer opens one click and it downloads photos to temporary folder then clears the camera memory launches Lightroom with all the new photos selected ready to import and then one more click and they are imported and moved to the subfolder of Pictures you last used. 


              Thats about as easy as it can be so I am happy.