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    Flash export SWF 23.98fps imports in AE as 23.97fps




      I have a problem where I export an animation from Flash CS6 as a 1080 SWF 23.98 fps, and import it into AE CS6 as 23.98, however it reads it as 23.97fps and after interpret the footage into 23.98 it adds an extra frame to the beginning of the shot and removes one from the end.


      I am now exporting PNG sequences from Flash however this is not ideal and removes the benefits of the vector images SWF provides.
      Any help would be extremely appreciated.


      I am quite new to both programmes, as well as this community, and am probably ill informed as to how they all work, and I realise I may of not supplied all the information required for anyone to answer the question, which I apologise for in advance if this is the case.