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    How to prevent user from "normal" navigation?


      Hi everyone,


      I have a PDF with a lot of pages, which are connect through Links (It's an export from MS Visio).


      I now want all the users to keep navigating through the links and prevent accidental navigation through the "normal" way (Arrow-Keys, Mouse-Scroll, etcs...) as much as possible.


      For this I have three ideas:


      1. "Force" Fullscreenmode: Here I can prevent from advancing in pages by clickAdvances=false. However I think it's not possible to prevent page changes by mouse-scroll or key-press.
      2. Using Layers: I have read, that it is possible to show/hide layers on demand with js. But I don't know how this can be done. And I would have to change the links to js-function showing the needed layer...
      3. Loading/Deleting Pages: I could load and delete Pages on demand. This is probably slow and i would need two pdf files.


      Does anyone knows something that could help me to solve this problem?


      Cheers, Holger.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          1. Not possible (except if the additional method described below is used).

          2. This is possible, but it requires setting up the layers and then a system of buttons and scripts to show/hide them.

          3. Also possible, but much more complicated than using layers.


          Another option is to use a script to prevent the user from entering a page, unless its done via a button.

          However, all of these methods have their disadvantages and can be very annoying for the users. You should really think if you want to implement this feature...