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    Have long list of images scrolling across frame

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      I've got a list of 22 logos (images) that I want to scroll from the bottom of the frame to the top. Because of the size of the list, they don't all fit into the frame at the same time (hence the scrolling). It's a 1920x1080 composition and I use CS6.


      My questions is what approach would be best for this scrolling effect.


      I've tried two things so far: make a psd file with all the images in a line and I've also precomposed all the image files and used an odd frame size (it's 5000px in height) to make them all fit. The scrolling works (I just use position for that) for both approaches but it all seems a bit clumsy to me so I wonder if there is a better way.


      I'm wondering this because I need to blur/lower the opacity of the logos when they reach the middle of the frame so you can read a line of text that should be on top of the logos so to say. But I've struggled to find an easy way of doing this with the approaches I've used. The background is patterned so I can't just use a solid for the blur/opacity effect - so I don't know how to make it work with the psd file (I've also tried a mask but that just follows the images to the top of course). With the precomp I can time the effect if there isn't a better way (so that's what I'll do if I can't find a better solution).


      Help appreciated - thanks!

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would recommend placing all of your images in a comp that is the same size as your main comp.

          Parent them all to a null object.

          Animate the null object. Adjust the position of the various logos as needed.


          Now, in your main comp, add a new solid.

          Precompose it.

          In the new precomp apply a gradient ramp to the solid. Then apply Colorama or Tritone and set it so that the gradient goes from black at the top to white in the middle and back to black at the bottom.


          Back in the main comp, hide the gradient comp layer.

          Apply the Compound Blur effect to your logo comp.

          Choose the gradient ramp as the blur map.

          Adjust the blur settings. You should see the logos now blur in the middle differently from how they blur at the edges.

          Use that gradient comp layer as an inverse luma matte for your logo layer and apply levels to adjust it as needed to change the opacity as well.