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    variables & grep - becoming too complicated

    funkturmmitte Level 1


      may someone can help me?

      i'm working daily with a grep expression witch becomes longer and longer and so the risk of errors becomes bigger.

      what i need to do:

      search for:

      \<([\d]+([\.,][\d]+)*)([Different types of spaces]?)([Word1|Word2|…Word20)\>

      replace with:




      The list of words should be edited by other users and can contain caracters like € or ² – because of this i was thinking of something like a file with tab separated words.

      In the replace with expression are to different spaces underlined – before doing the search and replace i always need to decide what to use and modify the search accordingly.

      I would love to do this choice by a radiobutten.

      Any ideas how i can realize this?

      I just started to learn javascript so using external txt files for defining a variable is not really within my skills now.