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    Indesign CC - Back & Front spread, followed by 2-3, etc then create print ready PDF


      Hi folks,


      First up thanks for reading. I have a simple question:


      My page layout is as per the following screenshot:




      Yes, I know page 8,1 at the front is off centre. I made 8 a new section so I could put it next to 1 and create a cover spread. But the bloody thing won't line up like the others. Not to worry, I can work with that. And the 2-3, 4-5. 6-7 spreads are just what I want. I can create spreads with graphics that go over both pages, exactly how my customers should read it when they pick up the booklet.


      The problem comes when I go to create PDFs for printing.


      What I want the PDF to look like is spreads thus:







      This is because this is how the printer wants them.


      Now, I'm not going anywhere near the "Print Booklet" to PDF functionality because it ruins the quality of my output.


      Please help, I've been Googling this for hours as well as You tubing. All to no avail.


      I'm still reasonably new to all this.