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    [AS/JS][CS5.5/CC2014] How make sure a script always produces the same result ?




      I've been creating Indesign scripts for several years and there is one thing that is still a huge problem when writing a script. How to make sure a script always produces the same result, on all computers.


      The problem is when you create a script, in many cases, it also uses the local user settings when executing it. For example: when you create a script to create a frame and you only define the border thickness, you can have different results on machine A and B. If on machine A, the default front color is set to blue, and on machine B to yellow, the result is not the same frame.

      In many cases configuring each individual property would solve the issue but would take a huge amount of time.


      This could easily be fixed if a script property would be available to ignore local user overrides when executing it. Does anyone know if this feature exists or has a solid solution to fix this problem?