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    DNGs disappear from catalog


      This has happened to me with 2 separate shoots - raw files imported, changed to dng.  Some files edited in LR, some not.  Some sent to PSE and brought back into LR, not all.  Everything is turned to jpegs, even in library catalog.  This has never happened in a year of using LR, now 2x.  All raw info and edits are gone, photos are resized for web printing as exported from LR and I cannot get anything back.  I could maybe guess that somewhere they were synched, but why are dngs gone in library too?  Any thoughts on how to get them back?  (I should say that they were shot as both raw + jpeg, only raws selected to be brought into LR from hard drive, and the dngs were definitely there as some were edited.)  And yes, in preferences, raw to be separate.  Thanks for any help.

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          areohbee Level 6

          The only way DNGs can be removed from catalog is if you remove them (whether on purpose or inadvertently), unless Lr's brains have become scrambled, in which case all bets are off so..


          Are you *sure* they are not in your catalog? (consider lib filters and expand all stacks).


          Have you checked in the trash can or recycle bin?


          PS - Lr won't turn a raw into a jpg (a jpg copy will be created when exporting, and may or may not be added back to catalog, but the raw will always remain as it was..). If it seems like that's what happened, I postulate there may be another explanation.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            So are the images still in the folder, but just removed from the LR catalog, or are the image files gone, themselves?


            What is your organization of the various images types, all in one folder or some in subfolders?

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              Pattyl Level 1

              Thanks, I am at work now, will check the trash when I get home.  They are there as jpegs in library now but none of the jpegs were imported, just raws converted to dngs.  Even the ones that were not edited in either LR or PSE are now web-sized jpegs.

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                areohbee Level 6

                Assuming Lr is functioning normally (and probably it is, although maybe not..),


                there has probably been some operator error or misunderstanding - or do you think that is unlikely?


                Anyway, ssprengel (or dj_paige, and many others) can help you sort it, if I'm not around..


                Good luck,


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                  Pattyl Level 1

                  Hmmm, I am not sure why my 2 replies above are not showing - sorry, I sent replies from phone and am only checking site now.


                  @ssprengel, thank you for your reply.  I did answer but it's not posted.  The jpegs are in the catalog but not the dngs.  Only a few of the dngs were edited and exported as jpegs, but all were changed to jpegs.  All dngs and edits are gone.


                  @Rob Cole - thanks also for your reply.  I am sure it must be my error, but I don't know how to undo it.  I looked in the library at these 2 shoots again tonight, and though I didn't think I stacked them, wanted to make sure.  Here's the message I see in the first shoot - "The metadata for this photo has been changed by another application.  Should LR import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from catalog?"  I have no idea what that would overwrite.  There are 2 choices - Import settings from disk, or Overwrite settings, which is the highlighted prompt.  In the second shoot, they all have that same message, except for 1, which starts off "The metadate for this photo has been changed by both LR and another application."  Some of these photos were brought into PSE, but most were not. 


                  It sounds possible that if I overwrite disk settings with those from catalog, it may revert to the dngs?  And I still don't know how I messed up to begin with.  Any further thoughts?  Thanks for any help.

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I am not asking whether the photos are listed in Lightroom, I am asking if the photos are on your hard drive if you use Finder or Explorer to search for them.  An easy way to do this is right-click/cmd-click on one of your JPGs that you see and choose Reveal/Find in Explorer/Finder and look in the folder that comes up and see fi you see an files with DNG extensions.

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                      areohbee Level 6

                      Hi Patty,


                      I am going to bow out now - you are in good hands with ssprengel.


                      PS - you can't revert to DNG by overwriting disk settings with those from catalog. In fact, there is no way to convert from DNG to JPG, nor revert from JPG back to DNG, you can only export to one format or another, which won't affect the original source (that's how Lightroom works, and all other non-destructive editors) - that's the reason something else must have happened that we are as yet unaware..


                      Note: resolving metadata conflict (by overwriting disk settings from catalog, or vice versa) may change develop settings and metadata like keywords, but nothing else. If you haven't changed develop settings or metadata outside Lightroom, then you want to overwite disk settings from catalog, otherwise all bets are off (unless you know what you changed where..).


                      PPS - You can use ChangeManager (a free plugin I wrote) to get a complete list of differences between catalog and disk, if that would help.