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    Indesign and DFS share problems.

    [Eric B]



      Sorry for the long post, but I need you.


      We are currently deploying over 40 Windows 7 workstation here at my job.  We've been dealing with an issue for the past 2 weeks that has completely stopped the deployment.


      Before I go into the problem let me give you an overview of our infrastructure.  Because of the necessity of having high availability of the information we have a DFS Share that replicate the information on two different physical location.  People here work directly on this shared drive, which guarantee them that the work they do is backed up and distributed everywhere all the time.  On top of that it also prevent people from working on the same file by locking it when it is open by someone else.


      The problem is whenever we try to work with document located on this shared drive, InDesign will periodically crash. If we work from another shared drive with no DFS, there is no problem.  Under Windows XP we never had this problem, but with Windows 7 it's currently impossible. We have currently InDesign CS5.5, but we also tried InDesign CC and it does the same thing.


      Simple scripting command like .saveACopy() will crash the application guaranteed.  I know this is not a Scripting Forum, but using the same Save A Copy from the file menu will result in the same thing.  Other scripts will sometime complain that the object is no longer available, again something that we don't experiment when working on other shared drives that don't have DFS.


      Have anyone experimented this? Is this a known problem? Anyone have a solution to work with DFS share?


      Thank you.