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    Unable to complete offline activation for Flash Builder

    Leo Bynum Level 1

      Further investigation with our sys admins verify that in fact Flash Builder cannot be registered offline.  We have purchased 5 licenses within the past 3 months. None of them can be registered offline.  I have had the sys admins try with no success and I have found others here at my work that have independently run into the exact same problem.  I have retried on two different machines using the lessons learned above, and the best we can do is get Flash Builder to say that the registration *is* successful.   This is immediately followed by notification that the trial version has 0 days remaining and Flash Builder will only come up with the "Buy Now" dialog.


      This represents a total licensing cost of $3500 for software that we can't install.  Flash Builder will only come up one time after a complete reinstall and I have to be sure not to shut it down, and I have to reinstall it each time the system has to be rebooted just to get it to come up again.


      Can someone at Adobe please actually try an offline disconnected registration?  It really doesn't work!!   A fix patch would really be appreciated.




           - Leo