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    How to suppress indesign file entries in TOC


      I am working with a book file that has 6 Indesign files synced to it. All the styles are congruent, and the TOC produces perfectly when I place the text filled cursor in the appropriate place. However, when I export to interactive PDF it is adding five entries at the end of the Navigable TOC after my specified entries. They are all associated with the beginning chapter of each indesign file, from reading the forums it seems that previous versions of Indesign required that the files themselves be suppressed from entry into the TOC, one user even proposed syncing the source file where the TOC would be placed as the source. I attempted this, but the file still produces six main headings, and places my desired TOC inside of the first one (probably because the TOC is located in the first file in the book) and after my TOC entries there are 5 other main entries randomly placed at the end. I am positive the document is synced, that the styles are the same, but cannot figure out why it adds these entries. Any help would be appreciated!