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    Latest cc update today wont play mpeg2 and MTS files.


      Invited to upgrade various adobe CC 2014.1 apps today. So I did.

      Then had to open a CC 2014 premier pro project and mpeg2 and mts files were not recognised in it..

      Nothing would work anymore - when all was well last night!

      So I decided to roll back the PC to yesterday to Premier proCC 2014 . But when all the rebooting was done - the programme wont load at all - keeps saying video drivers missing or somesuch. Not happy at all. Why oh why does Adobe keep doing this?

      I am REALLY p****d off and need help.


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          gricceri Level 1

          I had the same problem today. But luckily I've been able to solve it easily using the same workaround for the previous version.
          Before open the project just rename the folder(s) containig the .mts files, then open the project in Premiere and link the files.
          This worked for me. Good Luck!

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            SwanMedia Level 1

            Gricceri - thanks for you mail…makes me feel I'm not alone!

            I eventually uninstalled and re-installed premier Pro and media player (both need to be done) plus my blackmagic dirivers and Nvidia drivers and BINGO - things worked again. Certain files had 'got lost' and had to be linked rather laboriously, but at least the thousands of MTS and mpeg2 files played ok. I still had problems with some audio though - codec troubles again - but have loaded a pack of codecs and it seems to have done the trick…


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