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    Having trouble installing PS CS5 Extended in Windows 8.1

    CS5Ext Win8.1 Install



      I installed this product previously on another computer that ran Windows 7.  I had issues at the time and was able to resolve them, one of which was a bad serial number.  I just purchased a laptop with Windows 8.1 and am unable to install this product.  Here is what I did:


      - Disabled Virus program and shut down all other programs

      - Started the installation from a CD

      - Went through the normal process, serial number, log in info, etc.

      - I selected only the CS5 64 bit version and the region (US),

      - After about 20 seconds, a pop up appeared and it asked me to install the installation disc.  I did so and was not able to move the installation process forward.


      Any suggestions?

      Thank you in advance for your help.