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    Book icon not opening when clicked

      I have an odd problem here.

      In my Contents tab on the left side, I have eight Book icons that, when clicked, open to reveal the Help topics inside them- just like any normal RoboHelp project would work. However, the very last Book icon in the list does not open when clicked. I checked the original file and all of the help topics are under the Book like they should be. When I compile the file and do a View Primary Layout, this last Book icon opens correctly. The problem only occurs once the project is built into the software I'm doing the Help for. When I move the Book icon up in the list (so it's not the last one anymore) it works correctly. But then the Book icon that becomes the last icon doesn't open when clicked. So whichever Book icon is last in the list doesn't open when clicked. Anyone have any clue what would cause this? Thanks alot.