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    tweening syntax question

    stephan.k Level 1
      Dear List

      I have a basic syntax question that I realized I'm not quite familiar with in flash8. It came up when I've tried to create a combobox to allow the user to chose different types of Tweening and easing from the Tween class.

      I created two comboboxes, one with all the Tween values (Regular, Strong, Elastic...) and one with all the easing values (easeIn, easeOut...)

      When I trace the comboFunc variable below it does trace some function, but once I plug it into the tweenExtended method nothing happens. It seems to tween everything the same way.

      What am I missing here?

      any leads appreciated.



      var tweenType = [_root.growingTween.selectedItem.data];
      var easeType = [_root.growingEase.selectedItem.data];
      var comboFunc = [tweenType+easeType];
      this.tween = new TweenExtended(this.ring, ["_xscale","_yscale"],eval([tweenType+easeType]), [this.ring._xscale, this.ring._yscale], [_root.getMinSize(),_root.getMinSize()], _root.getShrinkSpeed(), true);