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    Hi, I just want to start an learn using Elements, I just install Elements 5, But all the films did not start and others adobe films are only in english. Is this the real customer service, have I learn english perfect to get some informations from ADOBE ?



      I just want to start and begin to work in Lightroom.

      I just installed the program.

      Now I want to get al lot of Information to understand the program. on this side: http://www.adobe.com/de/products/photoshop-lightroom/features.html

      But teh films did not start.



      On another page all films( other films) are only in english.









      Can this be really true, that I have to learn perfect english to get informations  from ADOBE to get informations about using the program ?



      I need a completly Trainee tomorrow to work soon in the program.

      Is there someone to give me the missing informations ?