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    Issue with Lightroom and external hard drive. Files and folders deleted.


      In classroom (windows 8.1 computers) we import pictures as .dng-files to a external hard disk using Lightroom.

      So after start up of Lightroom we insert the memory card containing the pictures and attach an external hard disk. (ntfs formatted)

      We create a new catalog on the external hard disk and then create a folder as a destination for the pictures on the external hard disk as well.

      After switching in Lightroom to the newly made catalog, we import the pictures from the memory card to the external hard disk.

      Pictures are present in the folder "import" on the external hard disk after completion of the import if checking with windows explorer.

      After closing LR and disconnecting the external hard disk from the computer it appears that the newly created folders and imported files are gone.

      We have tested with an external hard disk in exfat. Same problem.

      When copying directly in windows explorer files from the memory card to the external hard disk there is no problem.

      Files are not hidden. Tested on mac and windows.