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    CSS transitions problems..

    Paolo Jerome Level 1

      I'm using this Page Visibility code in my project, it was perfect in the last version but the latest version not quite..


      First off, when I tabbed out of the project on a web browser and when you tab back into it..

      (On the previous version) It completely stops the animation and i'll be able to trigger the code.

      (On the latest version) It skips few frames then play again.


      So, my solution was to stop the timeline of the symbol which is playing whenever it goes to another tab but another problem occurs; once you tab out again on the time when the CSS transition is happening; the transition will stop the animating object and it will not resume the transition.


      Oh btw, I'm using animate.css as my presets to my animations. I was adding and removing class and still nothing. I'll try to upload a sample but hopefully some of you will give some thoughts about this. Thank you!