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    Library features in indesign


      I notice on the latest up dates that illustrator now has a library. I got excited thinking I could stuff all my bits and bobs in there for use around the adobe suite. In particular indesign.


      Now I suppose I could import things in indesign and create a library and drag the things in there. But ultimately I hope adobe are looking at a cross platform library.


      I am also having a play with the IOS apps that have come out and was encouraged to see my doodles appear in the illustrator library on my mac. However they are not editable? Why have they bannered these apps under an illustrator theme if they are basically images? And again if I want these in indesign I will have to place them in illustrator first and then place the illustrator file in indesign.


      Am I missing something here or is this just not very joined up thinking?