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    Sharing an inDesign file for multiple people to edit using Dropbox?


      Hi, I'm trying to figure out how exactly using Dropbox can help our group share an inDesign file. It's just one file (one magazine every couple of months), with lots of images + text. Some of us use Macs, others PCs. We all have different (recent) versions of inDesign. We split up the work load, so ___ does 5 pages, ____ does 5 pages, etc. I read on here that sharing a Dropbox folder could work but I'm having a hard time seeing it in my mind...


      We would need a shared folder. In this folder would be the inDesign file itself, with another folder holding all of the images. This way you don't have missing links. So if someone added images/text to 5 pages, then saved it as another file, uploaded that file... Could another person take that files pages and add them to a "master file". Would this work? Thanks so much