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    Text margins/spacing adjustments lost in new version of Edge Animate

    CPBTenner Level 1

      I have a scrolling block of advertisements that I update weekly.  This week is the first time I have updated it since the upgrade to the latest version of Edge Animate.  Everything looked fine when I previewed it in a browser from inside Edge Animate but when I published the ad all of the text margins/spacing adjustments that I made were changed.  It appears as though maybe they have defaulted back to their original settings?  Is this something that can be fixed in an update? I have over 100 ads that I would have to adjust, then publish, to make sure they appear correct in a browser.  It would be VERY tedious and time consuming.


      Here is my EA file if you want to see what I am talking about:  http://www.capitalpress.biz/html5ads/quicklinks/quicklinks.zip




      Brandon Tenner