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    Nothing has helped me figure out how to re-install Adobe Flash Player


      I have researched everything I could find and nothing helps.  I uninstalled Flash Player because I was getting frequent 'shockwave has crashed' problems when I played some games. Now, I can't reinstall it.  Tried many times; turned off my firewall; etc.  Flash is not showing in my control panel as an existing program (because I uninstalled it), but I get the message "only one instance of this ap can run" when I try to complete installation and run it.  I have Windows 7 and use Firefox. None of the related articles has helped me.  When I click on "check if Flash is installed" it tells me not installed or not enabled. When I try to enable it, Flash or Shockwave is not even listed under Tools > Add-ons in Firefox.  I have no idea what is left to try.


      By the way, it appears that I can watch videos. But I can't access my Pogo games any more.  Says Flash is out of date. I'm very confused.