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    Objects vanish during animation (Was: odd behaviour)


      Hi folks,


      I have quite a simple question - apologies if it has already been asked.

      Here is a very sophisticated animation not behaving as it should. It consists in drawing 2 rectangles, a black one {called master) and a red one (called slave), then adding a basic animation to the master rectangle (translation, opacity variation or whatever you fancy) and some basic code - sym.$("master").show() - so that clicking on it triggers the apparition of the slave rectangle which visibility we have set to off (display:none) on the first frame of the timeline.

      What happens is that the slave rectangle unexpectedly vanishes once the master animation is complete. This will happen as long as the master rectangle is clicked prior to the full completion of its transform animation. Clicking afterwards will execute the code correctly without altering the expected display property for the slave rectangle. Stating the obvious, this same composition runs flawlessly when published from previous versions of Edge Animate.

      What's going wrong here ? Or am I the only one facing this drastic issue ? Thanks for sharing.



      link to files : http://adobe.ly/1tHcYP1