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    calling a .js file upon completion of Flash Video

      I have a challenge whose solution has avoided us. Maybe you can help.
      I’ll try to be succinct so as to not take up too much of anyone's time.

      1. I’m using CS3, but ActionScript2 for videos we have uploaded to our website.

      2. We are using AS2 because we want to target FlashPlayer 7

      3. We want our entire video to play before the “Next” button on our html page is enabled

      4. Could you, would you, send to me the AS code that would enable the flash video file to communicate with our .js script

      5. And if you could do that, please also indicate where and how it is inserted into the flash application?

      6. I’m fairly new at flash and we are having an unsuccessful time at having the AS2 code talk to our .js code.

      It would be very much appreciated.