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    Drag and drop feature on the project panel doesnt work. Cant adjust scale or any numer properties by sliding mouse. (click drag wont work at all nowhere)


      This issue just happened out of the blue. The last thing I did was create a new comp and import an Illustrator file.  Working on CC2014. Its like the mouse's left click wont be working at all... but that's not the case.  Cant even drag the comps in the composition, or move the layers around....

      Now the issue affects everything I do in After Effects, even on a new comp with just a plain solid


      Deleted cache,

      reseted workspaces,

      open/close after effects

      restarted computer

      newcomp with just a solid and nothing.

      plugged unplugged wireless mouse

      changed to wired mouse



      the issue is still there



      Curiously, after writing this post , publishing, and going back to after effects, the mouse will work, but for a couple of clicks or so then wont work again. This only happens on After Effects


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