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    Adjustment brush causes screen to go black momentarily


      On a few, but not all images, my screen goes black for about 5 seconds while I am using the adjustment brush in the Develop module.


      I am running LR 4.4 on Windows 7, with I7 CPU and 8GB of RAM.  No other apps are running; the resource monitor shows I am using very little CPU and about 50% of memory.  I have an Intel HD Graphics 3000 card, and a Sony monitor running native resolution at  1920x1080.  


      I switched to a different image, of the same subject, and started making lots (about 50) adjustments with the brush, and I did not have any issues.  I also exported the 2 images to a new catalog (to make sure I wasn't having a problem with my catalog being too large) and had the same experience. 


      Has anyone had this experience?  Any solutions?


      Thanks in advance for your feedback.